Sunday, April 3, 2011

A open letter to Kim Jong-un aka Become "The ONE".

Greetings young Kim,
   Im writing you this letter as you are currently groomed as successor when your father "The Dear Leader", Kim Jong-Il passes into eternities history. As someone who was schooled abroad,you have experience in western culture and the way's of the world that you own people dream of. When you are finally put into the vaulted place of power you will have one of two possible choices in how you want to be remembered as.One that will ultimately carry great shame for you and what you will do to your country, another a glory of impossible proportions.

  One,You could carry on the DPRK dynasty, as your father, and his father before him and lead a population struck with famine, disease, illiteracy, poverty and neglect.Under this path you could continue the tradition of locking up, torturing, and murdering of your population. Denying them the most basic of rights and liberties you and your father and a select few relish with abandon.It will become second nature to you to demand respect from the very people you slowly destroy.
  You will continue to run a dangerous nuclear program and continue to proliferate with equipment for weapons of mass destruction to Iran and anyone with cash, you will do business.This will alienate you and your country will stay a pariah upon the world who builds weapons it doesn't need,yet begs for food from every nation of the world.You can keep your nation perpetually in the year 1950 for the next 50 years at your age,literally help usher in a entire century missed out on by a country and its entire population.
  Dont worry,like your father you will be rewarded as a alcoholic and drug addict who frequents a mixture of hookers and slaves that will be forced to cater to your perverse whims..I cannot wait to read the biography of this outcome if this is the lonely path you choose.


  You could go down in history as one of the worlds greatest leaders from history.This path will be fraught with danger at first,but you would cement in stone your name in time. Im talking simply stop. Oh,you can keep dual capitols,but the immediate peaceful reunification of North and South Korea once and for all.
  Become the ONE.
  The ONE who brought the people together as a family.The ONE who brings his people in from the darkness.And just think,you can be the transitional leader that makes it all happen. You could free all the political prisoners in the country,and open up the press and the internet.The ONE who restored a NATION.
  You could give up the nukes as the combined armies would be all the protection your proud nation needs to protect the motherland, gaining massive international clout and admiration as you opened up the economy to the world allowing it to prosper to unparalleled heights.The south is already one of the most vibrant and largest economies int he world,just imagine what you could do together.
   And the world will help you,completely.We will give you food and money and medical supplies to help heal the 60+years of injustice to your people,until the merger is complete,allowing your populace to achieve dignity and self worth on the world stage once again.
  You would be rewarded with the greatest riches of all,the true joy and love of their people as together you stand up into a brave new world with open eyes.You will be blessed by religious nobility throughout the world as well as Kings and Queens and president alike.(Yes,You would get the Nobel Peace Prize.)Your masses would prosper with health,and happiness and joy not felt in almost a century.Upon your death you would be entombed with no less reverance than the great pharohs of Egypt, or the Czar's of Russia,or the Emperor's of Japan.

So that's it.... Same old song in dance or a eternity of fame and glory? The choice is yours, it's almost time to make the choice.. Please, Make the right one.

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