Friday, April 29, 2011

Those centrifuge's havent stopped spining.

Masked by recent event's unfolding around the world from the Arab spring to Japan's meltdown to the worlds financial crisis, one country remained unhindered in it's plans. Iran's nuclear program spin's full speed ahead.

With recent announcements by the The People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran to several more locations of suspected nuclear sites, it's starts to bring in the question of the point of no return, and were exactly we stand on the subject. Iran is quickly proving they are willing to go all the way, are we? The mantra "All options are on the table. "has been uttered enough that it almost doesn't even bear repeating.Do we mean it? Are we willing to go all the way? Remember, this will entail clandestine boots on the ground, a naval blockade, as well as a steady stealth aircraft, drone and missile bombardment larger than any since the Vietnam war. One that will last several weeks and most likely will require follow up strikes in the future. There will be casualties. Our's as well as our allies. Many Iranians will die, maybe thousand's. The cost could  and most likely will hit several billion in a already depleted treasury.The answer is undeniably yes. It has to be.

 The alternative is too big of nightmare to fathom. Sanction's are worthless, in that the usual  watering down of any important issue in the world by China and Russia takes any teeth out leaving them plenty of wiggle room. And then you compound the very real possibility that this program is being run in parallel with the DPRK, maybe even Syria, the risks are just to great to ignore.
We must strike. And we have to before it is too late.

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